Burn restrictions put in place for Spokane County on June 4

 Burn restrictions put in place for Spokane County on June 4

SPOKANE, Wash. – Fire Marshals from Spokane County have put burn restrictions in place starting June 4. This is because of high temperatures in the forecast.


All recreational fires are not allowed. This includes any outdoor fire without a chimney (backyard fire put, campfire using chopped firewood or charcoal)All open burning is not allowed. This includes any open burning of fields or yard waste.Manufactured portable outdoor devices are allowed. This includes fireplaces, barbecues and patio warmers.Approved fuels in appropriate devices are allowed. This includes dry and seasoned firewood, charcoal, natural gas or propane gas.Designated campfires in parks and campgrounds may be allowed as approved by agencies with jurisdiction.

“Burn restrictions are put in place to keep us all safe and healthy,” Spokane Valley Fire Department Fire Marshal, Greg Rogers said. “After a review of the short-range weather forecast, along with the low amount of rainfall this spring in Spokane County and discussions with our area Fire Chief partners, we feel it is prudent to initiate Burn Restrictions for Spokane County until further notice.”


For City of Airway Heights, click here.For City of Deer Park, click here.For City of Spokane Fire Department, click here.For Spokane Clean Air, click here.For Spokane County, click here.For Spokane Valley Fire Department, click here.For the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, click here.



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