Budget-friendly DIY projects improve windows

 Budget-friendly DIY projects improve windows

On a recent trip to Brooklyn, my hometown, I noticed my aunt was using a piece of rope to “lock” a casement window closed. The locking lever snapped off and this rope trick was her way to “MacGyver” it shut. Although it was a makeshift solution, especially during a pandemic, every time the wind whipped past this window, it would pry it open. Between the intense draft, eyesore and obvious security issue, I was determined to fix it.

Finding parts to repair an old window or door can be daunting, especially if there isn’t a name or model number to identify it, which was the case for me. My search led me to a company in Canada, Reflect Window &Door (ReflectWindow.com). It sells nothing but window and door replacement parts and has an extremely helpful staff that was able to identify the exact part I needed. They had me email them photos of the broken multipoint sash lock and within two days, I had the part. They even helped me with installation questions. I installed it within minutes and it locks perfectly.

Meanwhile, my aunt had been convinced that the entire window needed replacing since the locking parts of the window are enclosed within the frame. It dawned on me, there are many ways we can repair and update windows that are perfect do-it-yourself projects.

Window replacement can be a hefty financial undertaking and if we’re not ready to make that kind of investment, we can make windows “better” on a budget. Here’s a list of practical and…

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