Broken Garage Door Opener in Miami

 Broken Garage Door Opener in Miami

Garage door openers provide exceptional comfort both for commercial and residential garage door owners.

However, most of us often take this one-tap device for granted and overlook the minor problems it exhibits.

Garage doors operate more than a thousand times a year.

With their function, it can develop subtle issues and eventually stop working.

Just like any moving components and grinding metal parts, the garage door opener wears off over time.

If you find your garage door opener broken one morning, allow us to give you a quick guide on how to troubleshoot your device.

Moreover, for a more reliable and safe garage door opener repair, call your trusted service provider.

Garage Door Opener Vibration

Typically, chain-driven garage door openers produce noise and vibration due to the metal parts clanging during operation.

However, worn-out chains and trolley drives will skip or jerk, producing a loud noise and excessive vibration.

Other causes also include bent shafts, damaged armatures, or the absence of anti-vibration rubber pads.

When left neglected, the unit’s vibration could loosen up the mounting screws, and it could fall onto people or your car.

Garage Door Opener Makes Strange Noises

As stated, traditional chain drive openers are naturally noisy when operated.

But it’s easy to tell whether or not the noise is natural or strange.

If the noise seems to come from skipping chains or gear, you might need to have it checked for damaged drive components, especially if you own a new unit.

Contact us to safely troubleshoot the door opener and have all defective parts replaced the same day.

Broken Opener Wall Switch

Using your garage opener wall switch for considerable periods will cause it to experience mechanical or connectivity issues in the future.

One way to troubleshoot your wall switch is by checking if any indicator lights aren’t on.

Those indicators will tell you if the door opener is receiving power or not.

You can also check for ground faults or damaged switches by checking your garage’s dedicated circuit breaker or ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for nuisance tripping.

If you found any tripped-off breakers, don’t hesitate to call your garage door repair technician, as they will know how to isolate and fix any garage wiring faults safely.

Trying to fix wiring faults yourself may lead to serious injuries or electrocution.

It’s best to leave the technical job to the professionals.

Mechanical Damage

If you hear strange noises in your garage door motor, that could suggest a mechanical meltdown.

It means that your garage door opener might have loose bolt and nut threads, resulting in noisy movements, excessive vibration, and motor failure.

Give your garage door opener a quick inspection and tighten up any loose screws or bolts you can find in the metal housing.

But if the strange noise persists, you might have an internal mechanical meltdown.

To prevent any further damage to your garage door opener, contact us anytime.

Door Opener Reverses After Opening/Closing

Having your garage door opener reverse right after it closes or opens can be a hassle.

Most of the time, misaligned or dirty sensors are the culprit of reversing door operators.

You can wipe the sensors clean using a dry cloth to get rid of the gunk and dirt that built-up over time.

But having misaligned sensors is a different case since you need to realign them properly.

Otherwise, the sensors could trip the garage door opener by sending bad readings.

Intermittent Door Opener Movement

Here are some probable causes if your garage door jerks or doesn’t respond when operated via the remote control or wall switch.

The most common cause is a pair of dead remote batteries, especially for older units.

You can use a voltmeter to measure the battery’s remaining charge.

If the batteries still have enough juice, you may want to look into the door opener’s wiring or logic board.

That’s because capacitors and other circuitry components can go haywire or burnout, resulting in a garage door’s intermittent motion or no response at all.

For those cases, our technician will replace the defective logic board or mechanical component with genuine spare parts.

Contact Us for Garage Door Opener Repairs

It’s always smarter and easier to seek professional help when it comes to garage door opener repairs, services, and installation.

Besides, ignoring minor symptoms will only lead to permanent damage and expensive repair costs over time.

We can help you with any garage door opener repairs and installation.

Call us today and experience time-tested and reliable garage door repair services in Miami anytime.

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