Blue Abyss Will Be The World’s Largest And Deepest Indoor Pool

 Blue Abyss Will Be The World’s Largest And Deepest Indoor Pool

Blue Abyss Ltd. is set to build the world’s deepest and largest indoor pool in Cornwall, UK. The massive pool will hold 1.5 million ft3 (42,000 m3) of water, equivalent to 168 million cups of tea. It will be the world’s first commercial astronaut training facility and be used to test advanced undersea robotics.

Pools are excellent places for training divers or astronauts in simulated weightlessness and testing nautical technologies. In addition, scientists, engineers, and trainers have used the controlled environment that pools offer for more than 100 years to explore submarine design, try new techniques, and solve complex engineering problems. However, conventional pools have their limitations.

The US$212-million (£150-million) Blue Abyss facility will be constructed in the Aerohub Enterprise Zone at Cornwall Airport Newquay, near Spaceport Cornwall and Goonhilly Earth station. The pool will measure approximately 164 ft (50 m) long and 132 ft (40 m) wide, with a depth of 164 ft (50 m) in its 52-ft-wide (16-m) shaft, a volume equivalent to seventeen Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Blue Abyss is developed by ex-forces diving instructor and management consultant John Vickers. It has the support of British astronaut Major Tim Peake, who is serving on the Blue Abyss Advisory Board.

Blue Abyss will be constructed at Cornwall Airport Newquay. (Credit: Blue Abyss)
The 10-acre (4-ha) site, designed by British architect Robin Partington, will include:
  • the pool,
  • a performance…

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