Bin warning over seagulls after series of burger snatches

 Bin warning over seagulls after series of burger snatches

Bristol residents have received advice to help prevent seagull swoops following a spate of burger-nabbing in the city.

Bristol Live was at the scene on Monday evening (May 31), when gulls snatched two burgers from customers’ hands at the Three Brothers restaurant on Welsh Back. The swoops were within minutes of each other.

It came after a gull stole a burger from a man’s hands in Broadmead on May 19, prompting another man to reportedly hit the bird with his walking stick.

Three Brothers said the attentions of gulls have recently become “an absolute nightmare”. When its outdoor seating area is busy, they have been swooping for food three or four times a day.

Now Bristol City Council has given advice to locals to help address the issue.

A council spokesman said: “By keeping our streets clean and not feeding the birds we can stop encouraging them to areas where they could cause problems. This is particularly important now that we’re seeing more outside eating.

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“We all have a responsibility to look after the city and keep our streets clean. Please dispose of any food waste or litter in the bins available or take it home with you if the bins are full.’’

Three Brothers restaurant supervisor Andy Vincent had raised concerns of overflowing bins and a lack of cleanliness being factors in the recent problems.

The summer months are known for seagulls being on their worst behaviour, largely because it is mating season and the…

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