Best Practices for Restaurant and Foodservice Plumbing ✔️ Cleveland

 Best Practices for Restaurant and Foodservice Plumbing ✔️ Cleveland

Total Food Service is constantly fielding questions from readers on hot and cold issues the kitchen. The hot items are of course cooking oriented and run the gamut from caring for a range battery to some of the technology associated with a combination oven. On the cold side, it’s the battle to keep ice machines, walk in boxes, and reach-ins working to ensure the best possible customer experience.

What is often overlooked is the role that plumbing takes within each of these crucial segments of a restaurant and foodservice operation. It dawned on us that it was time to explore those plumbing issues as restaurant and foodservice operators head into Spring and Summer.

Joel Matthews, Popular Plumbing

So, we set out to find and share the plumbing expertise needed for our restaurant and foodservice readers to build best practices strategy for their operations. TFS was able to obtain the thoughts from Joel Matthews, one of Day & Nite’s expert Popular Plumbing technicians, on the link between plumbing and restaurant equipment operating at maximum capacity.

Let’s talk about the priority plumbing issues that a restaurant/foodservice operator should keep an eye out for? 

Drain stoppages are essential to watch out for and avoid. They are usually caused by staff quickly moving through tasks. Food and debris get accumulated in the drain, causing stoppages. My best advice to prevent a major issue is to install a strainer or a drain lock, along with getting your drains…


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