Best Garage Door Repair Calgary

 Best Garage Door Repair Calgary

Best Garage Door Repair in Calgary

Overhead doors have a simple operation – it moves up and down. What was once a simple mechanism has turned out to become one of the most valuable assets in your house.

Owning an overhead door not just only protects you from intruders but also offers convenience. By just pressing the remote, the overhead door opens and closes on its own.

Also, an overhead door has an insulating property that modulates the temperature inside your garage and house. It’s perfect during colder months to protect your vehicle and belongings from external damage and freezing.

All that said, even if your garage door is a manual or an automatic one, you need to maintain it regularly. Maintaining it ensures that it stays in top condition.

To prevent further damages, the first step you should do is conducting a visual inspection of your garage door. Visual inspection allows you to determine if the problem needs either a DIY or professional help.

Regardless, it’s best to leave the job to a professional garage door repair company. To help you identify the problems before you call a professional, here are some of the common issues you might encounter – and how to deal with it.

The Overhead Door Won’t Close Completely

If your overhead door opens but won’t close all the way, these are the following causes:

  1. Sensors may need realignment or adjustment. Sensors are located on the sides of the bottom of the track. If there is no obstruction in its line of sight, the door will operate smoothly.

However, if there’s an object blocking the sensor or it is misaligned, this is when the door will fail to close.

Ensure no obstructions in the sensor’s line of sight prevent the issue from happening.

  1. Damaged and worn-out rollers are also causing your door to close halfway. At times, tracks can be a culprit when it’s misaligned. Make sure to check these components if it needs lubrication or a replacement.

Whatever that might be causing your door to close halfway, you can always rely on an overhead door repairman in Calgary to check the possible causes.

The Overhead Door Opens Halfway

If your door is closing correctly but fails to open all the way, these are most likely the causes:

  1. If you have a newly installed garage door, you need to move the up-limit switch near the motor unit. It may be a rare problem, but it can affect the movement of your garage door.

A switch is a touch-lever mechanism placed at the end of the track. It is located near the motor unit. However, if it is far away from the unit, the motor might prevent the door from opening.

  1. Damaged rollers are another culprit. It will affect the movement of the door, regardless if it closes or opens.

The Overhead Door Reverses After Touching the Floor

The cause of the door to reverse before it even touches the floor is because the close-force setting of an opener needs adjustment.

This setting allows the door to descend before the motor turns off. The friction that the rollers create with the tracks is tricking the opener that it has reached the floor.

Another cause is a damaged roller. It can create a friction that allows the opener to detect that it has reached the floor. Make sure to lubricate it. But if this won’t help, you can always count on a professional to repair or replace it for you.

Damaged Parts and Components

Damaged springs, cables, and hardware can affect your door’s movement – causing it to fall, challenging to open, or causes shaking during the operation.

A DIY won’t help, so look for the best garage door repair in Calgary to do the job for you.

The Remote Doesn’t Work

After clicking the remote several times to operate your garage door and it won’t work, the power source may be the cause. Check if the cord is plugged in.

Also, check if your battery has run out because it won’t make your remote work at all.

Other cases might be a circuit breaker problem or a fuse problem. You can have it checked by a professional garage door company to diagnose it.

Rely on the Best!

Do you need the best garage door repair in Calgary? Look no further because Kald Gart will be glad to serve you.

We will promptly cater to garage door emergency requests because we know the frustration that comes with faulty garage doors.

With over 15 years of serving the prosperous city of Calgary, we know how to deal with any garage door problems. We do it fast and safe for you because we don’t want you to keep on waiting.

Call us now, and see how reliable we are in fixing your malfunctioning garage door!

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