‘Bargain Block’ Unveils a New Style of Modern Farmhouse Folks Will Love

 ‘Bargain Block’ Unveils a New Style of Modern Farmhouse Folks Will Love

You’ve heard of modern farmhouse style—but what about modern schoolhouse? On the latest episode of HGTV’s “Bargain Block,” Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas show off this whole new look, and it’s bound to catch on.

In the episode “Farmhouse and Schoolhouse,” Bynum and Thomas renovate two run-down homes in Detroit, fixing one up in trendy modern farmhouse and the other in a unique, vintage schoolhouse vibe.

What’s more, they complete both homes on a strict budget, fixing the farmhouse for just $28,000 and the schoolhouse-inspired home for the even lower price of $20,000.

Wondering how a modern farmhouse or schoolhouse style—or both—would look in your home? Here’s how Bynum and Thomas pull them off, plus some take-home lessons you may want to apply to your own abode.

Window awnings can be a waste of money

These awnings block valuable sunlight.


Bynum and Thomas usually spend only a couple of thousand dollars on these houses, so they’re not happy when they get their farmhouse fixer for a (relatively) whopping $45,000. They need to stick to a very strict renovation budget of $25,000 if they’re going to make a profit.

Luckily, this house is already in good shape, with a good amount of curb appeal. Still, Bynum and Thomas want to make a quick but meaningful fix on the house right away: removing the awnings from the windows.

“As with most of the homes in this neighborhood, there are big aluminum awnings on them,” Bynum explains. “They block out all the…

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