Backyard Bar Wars Exclusive Clip: If It Ain’t Broke …

 Backyard Bar Wars Exclusive Clip: If It Ain’t Broke …

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s cool and all, but what happens when it is broken and you can’t? Well, you get comedian Chris Distefano cracking jokes and a couple of annoyed builders wondering how they even got here.

Where’s here? Well, it’s truTV’s DIY series that will have you toasting — Backyard Bar Wars.

Did you know there’s a rising trend of DIY at-home bars? I’m not saying that over a year of chilling in your backyard and indulging in some spirits to keep one’s spirits up amid a pandemic is to blame for that rise.

But I’m also not NOT saying it.

And as we know, there is a DIY series for everything. Backyard Bar Wars is throwing its hat into the home-renovation ring.

Only this series is a competition series, too.

The series will pit two neighbors against one another, competing against each other for the coveted title of the best and most badass backyard bar on the block.

Forget keeping up with Jones, they’ll get to make the Jones envious, and the best part about it, as by the end of the series, contestants can invite their neighbors over for drinks and revel in their envy.

Fortunately, competition or no, everyone wins when both neighbors end up with a custom-built bar in their backyard that will have everyone talking.

And make no mistake, with creative, off-the-wall, and lavish displays, these bars will have you heading to your nearest home improvement store and getting to work.

Backyard Bar Wars - 1

Who doesn’t want to entertain…

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