Ask The Builder: DIY plumbing presents unforeseen challenges

 Ask The Builder: DIY plumbing presents unforeseen challenges

I’m blessed. Not only do I get emails each day from readers like you, but I also get questions from the Ask Tim page at my website. Believe it or not, these questions are never tiring, and it’s like Christmas morning when I open them. The high-resolution photos that often accompany the inquiries are like eye candy to me. My wife thinks I’m nuts!

Wayne reached out to me from Houston. He decided that he was going to do some serious DIY plumbing at his house, and as he put it, “I’ve racked my brain and can’t come up with a code-approved way to make this happen.”

It just so happens I’m a master plumber. I’ve been one since age 29. I did all the plumbing on most of my jobs and thoroughly enjoyed it. Designing and installing plumbing drain and vent lines is like a giant 3-D puzzle to me. As crazy as it sounds, it’s fun.

I’m not going to try to transform you into a plumber with this column, but I’d like to share some pointers that might come in handy if you decide you want to do what Wayne’s trying to accomplish. If you want to leave the job to a real plumber, the tips might allow you to verify he’s using the best practices at your home.

Transporting waste water from your home to a city sewer or your own septic tank is serious business. In the late 1800s when indoor plumbing started to take hold, plumbers were as esteemed as the physicians of the time. Once it was understood that sewage was the cause of serious…

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