As Lumber Prices Climb, Some Mill Their Own : NPR

 As Lumber Prices Climb, Some Mill Their Own : NPR

Anchorage, Alaska resident Hans Dow built his own sawmill and began milling his own boards after lumber prices skyrocketed over the last year.

Emily Schwing/Emily Schwing

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Emily Schwing/Emily Schwing

The price of lumber has more than doubled over the last year and economists warn things may stay this way for a while. That’s why people like Hans Dow are getting crafty.

“I was like, well, I want a sawmill. I can make a lot of stuff with it. I also need to learn how to weld…” says Dow, as he hefts a nine foot log onto the deck of his hand-built sawmill. It sits in the corner of his South Anchorage backyard.

Dow spent…

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