Air Tools Every Welder Might Need

 Air Tools Every Welder Might Need

When it comes to welding, people don’t normally think that they’d need air tools on the job. Besides the most essential things they need – like the welding helmet, gloves, clothing, and protection -, they also need a variety of other tools.

For example, you’ll usually see a welder handling a chop saw, a pair of angle grinders, squares, a level, tape measure and so on. However, there are quite a few air tools that a welder might need and not know it – yet!

This is the main reason why, today, we’ll introduce you to the Air Tools Guy and to all of the air tools that you may need to look into as a welder!

Air Rachet Wrenches 

These are entry-level air wrenches that come with 70lb-ft of torque. It makes undoing tight nuts much easier.

Air Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches, unlike rachet ones, come with 180lb-ft of torque, making them better at undoing heavy torque bolts. Rachet wrenches are ideal for low-to-medium torque bolts.

Air Screwdrivers

Such tools use compressed air and provide consistent torque when driving fasteners – screws – into workpieces. 

Air Drills

Air drills can be used to drill holes of small diameter into the material that you work on, especially if it is quite thick.

Air Die Grinders

Welders use grinders to remove material from the piece they are working on. A die grinder comes with a rotating spindle that features a collet holding the cutting bit. It rotates at very high speeds.

Air Angle Grinders

Angle grinders, on the other hand, can be used to cut…

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