Air Conditioner Options for Older Homes in Indianapolis

 Air Conditioner Options for Older Homes in Indianapolis

By: Joe Dudeck  |  May 4, 2021

Real estate patterns of the Millennial generation are starting to have a big impact on how development and redevelopment is taking place in Indianapolis. Our team has been a part of many of the projects in the Midtown, Old Northside, Fountain Square, and other reemerging areas of Indianapolis. And from a heating and cooling perspective, the redevelopment of existing, aged properties presents unique challenges that many homeowners and general contractors are unprepared or under-prepared to face. Read on for air conditioner options for older homes in Indianapolis.

What to Consider When Buying an Older Home in Indianapolis

If you’re a do-it yourself remodeler, or even a seasoned general contractor, here are a list of things to be aware of from an HVAC perspective for that remodel project:

1. Home Likely Built before Air Conditioning

It’s hard to imagine now, but whole home air conditioning only became the norm in the 1960s. So, if your home was built before that decade, it was not designed to support it. What that means for your remodel is that ductwork will likely have to be reworked to give proper airflow to second floors. One of our remodelers in the Fountain Square area makes it mandatory that all second floors have return air ducts added.

Another option you could consider is the installation of a ductless system to mitigate any worries about the ductwork. The units installed in a ductless system are generally…

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