Aerator Parts on Sale Now

 Aerator Parts on Sale Now

Stock up and save 5% on aerator maintenance and rebuild kits ordered by May 31. Call us at 763-746-9288 or request a quote, and mention promo code SPRING2021.

Fluence’s TORNADO® Aerators deliver all the mixing and aeration you need, without the splash, eliminating concerns about contamination. Our subsurface propellers deliver aeration and mixing while preventing aerosols and keeping particles contained within the wastewater, keeping the surroundings clean and free of possible pollutants.

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Explore our complete line of cost-effective, low-footprint products to meet all your aeration needs

Fluence designs every piece of aeration equipment with the customer in mind, improving water and wastewater quality and minimizing operational expenses. Clients use our aerators worldwide in a range of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities. We tailor each of our products for a particular range of applications and design them to be durable, providing trouble-free operation for the life of the equipment.

In addition to water and wastewater treatment, consumers use our EcoAeration products in ponds, lakes, and reservoirs for algae and odor control. These solar-powered aerators reduce the costs associated with conventional chemical treatments and eliminate the need to install and operate electrical equipment.

We engineer all Fluence aeration equipment to match your…

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