A Requiem for the Environment – Kashmir Reader

 A Requiem for the Environment – Kashmir Reader

The 14-year-old boy, Faaz, was a great lover of nature. He would love the scene of massive, mighty mountains full of magnificent forests from the view of his window. Every time at the magical dawn, he would lift the curtains of his window to breathe in deeply the fresh air which would relax him and remove all his worries and anxieties. He used to love the pleasant smell of soil after rain. He would love walking on the green velvet grass. The sight of a clear bluish sky would bring him calmness while the melodious gushing river with crystal-clear water flowing near his home would soothe his soul. He was in love with the chirping of birds on the tallest tree near his home beneath the shade of which he used to play and do his homework. On Sundays, he used to go for a boat ride across Dal Lake with his family. He also used to watch the beautiful Hanguls jumping happily and roaming freely, a sight which would always bring a smile on his face. This pulchritudinous natural environment surrounding him made him feel his home was in a place that was no less than heaven.
But with passing years, Faaz grew up and so did the population as well as pollution in his area. The environment changed with every single day. Now he cannot even remember the last time when he had enjoyed the view from his window. The air is now too polluted to even open the window, let alone taking deep breaths at dawn and looking out from it, only to witness dark grey smoke rising from the chimney of a newly set…

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