A Perfectly Imperfect Round with Alexis Perry |

 A Perfectly Imperfect Round with Alexis Perry |

The following appears in the June Gambling and Golf issue of Mile High Sports Magazine

Alexis Perry is in luck. 

The morning forecast on this particular early day in May reveals that she will indeed be able to squeeze in a round of golf. It’s not an all-together unusual occurrence for Perry, but given her own unpredictably hectic schedule as a producer, reporter, and host for the Denver Broncos (and the fact that rain has quite literally cancelled every round of golf previously planned for Mile High Sports Magazine’s annual golf issue at least twice), Perry is, indeed, in luck

Today, she will play. 

Still, it’s not quite that simple. Although she plays around 30 rounds of golf every year, this one is different. She’s not just playing; she’s being featured. While she’s yet to celebrate 30 birthdays, she’s deftly earned her way into a prominent role in Denver’s bustling sports journalism community – one worthy of comment on its own merit – but she’s also a golfer, making her the perfect subject for a story in the magazine’s newest edition.

Between swings there will be the occasional interview question, a photo or two, and perhaps a brief assessment of a particular golf shot or hole. Although those will be unfamiliar inclusions, she’s confident she can roll with the punches because she’s prepared for whatever may come her way. Perry is always prepared. Whether she’s researching for one of the many shows she hosts and/or produces,…

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