A look at your options for summer grilling

 A look at your options for summer grilling

‚ÄúOne¬†positive¬†from¬†the¬†pandemic is that people were spending more time together,‚ÄĚ is what George¬†Preckwinkle,¬†an owner of the¬†Central Illinois Ace Hardware stores, said¬†when I met with him recently on what was new for grilling¬†this year. Grills¬†and¬†even certain¬†types¬†of charcoal were selling out in 2020,¬†and Preckwinkle has plenty¬†in stock¬†for 2021. They will even deliver and assemble for you.

First some basics. Gas grills (we still have a 10-year-old Weber Genesis) are easy to use, heat up quickly, often have a thermostat to control the heat, and there is even a gauge on the side that indicates when I need to refill the tank. Compared to the basic charcoal grill, they are more expensive. Some of the benefits of charcoal is it can burn hotter than propane which will add that dark crust on the occasional steak that Carol likes, and, of course, the scent and flavor from a charcoal grill can be very nostalgic. 

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From experience,¬†if¬†deciding on a gas grill I would recommend a cast aluminum firebox,¬†porcelain coated cast iron grill gates and at least three burners in order to grill a dozen burgers or so.¬†I take¬†advantage of indirect cooking when only one or two burners are in use¬†to avoid¬†charring ‚Ästgreat for slow roasting a chicken. Tools I recommend are a fish turner or fish spatula. They work great for¬†flipping¬†burgers,¬†moving the vegetables around¬†and of…

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