9 Home Improvements Your Neighbors Will Probably Hate

 9 Home Improvements Your Neighbors Will Probably Hate

Improving your home is exciting. Whether they’re minor or substantial, indoors or out, property upgrades can change the look and feel of your living space. For homeowners who take on such projects, the promise of a new kitchen or fenced-in yard makes all the noise, mess, and aggravation worthwhile. Your neighbors, on the other hand, have nothing good to look forward to but the potential inconvenience of not being able to enjoy their own home and neighborhood as much as they might until your project is complete.

Your finished project, too, might be an unwelcome change for your neighbors. A new view for you may block others’ natural light, and a bold new siding color may be an eyesore for the rest of your block. Before you take on new home improvement projects, learn about the nine that your neighbors will likely despise.


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