7 Natural and Safe Methods

 7 Natural and Safe Methods

One of the more frustrating home dilemmas is a stubborn sink drain that refuses to do its job. Fixing a clog can be as simple as the method you choose, but sometimes choosing the right method ain’t that simple.

Don’t fret — we’ve rounded up seven of the best options that should get things flowing in no time.

7 ways to unclog a sink

  1. Use boiling water.
  2. Use a saltwater mixture.
  3. Use vinegar and baking soda.
  4. Clear the garbage disposal.
  5. Clear the P-trap.
  6. Use a plunger.
  7. Use a plumber’s snake.

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While it’s tempting to start off with heavy-duty drain cleaners, it’s much safer (and cheaper) to try natural products and household appliances instead.

1. Boiling water

This is the simplest and least expensive method, which makes it a good first option to try. Just be sure to attempt this on metal plumbing only — boiling water can melt…

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