6 warning signs you need a plumber

 6 warning signs you need a plumber
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Even the most adventurous DIY master can stop in their tracks when a plumbing issue arises. But how do you know the difference between a quick plunger fix and a problem that needs professional attention? To help you figure out when to drop the pipe wrench and call a plumber, we made this list of warning signs you should be aware of when you notice something wrong.

An unstoppable running toilet

There are several ways you can find out why your toilet is running, and sometimes it could be as simple as a loose toilet flapper. However, if you’re left scratching your head, it’s a waste of money (and sanity) to ignore the issue. Your toilet’s seal may be compromised, leading its tank to continuously fill up.

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Lack of hot water

Ever stand around the shower waiting for that hot water that never comes? You could have an issue with your water heater. Unfortunately, your water heater and its overall system is very complex. They either use gas or electricity, which means fixing it is best left to professionals — if anything, for safety reasons.

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Minimal or no flow from the tap

When you turn your faucet, and the only thing that comes out is a trickle, this could be a serious problem. Unfortunately, this is an issue that could have several reasons behind it, from a block to a full-blown broken pipe. Regardless of what it may be, this could lead to more damage to your property. However, a plumber…

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