6 Reasons You Don’t Want a Swimming Pool

 6 Reasons You Don’t Want a Swimming Pool

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Last year’s pandemic lockdown sent consumers scurrying to find summer activities close to home. That meant a lot of people invested in swimming pools.

While images of a backyard pool can conjure up the feel of cannonballing into cool water on a hot summer’s day, the reality is a bit different. Upkeep of a pool is a lot of work.

Before you dive in, you may want to look at the reality of owning a place to take a dip. Here are six reasons not to own a pool.

1. High installation costs

Building an in-ground pool is expensive, and can range from $10,000 to $100,000 in the United States depending on the style, size and materials used, according to FIxr, a site where you can compare home remodeling estimates. FIxr puts the average pool installation cost at $50,000 for a 12×14-foot fiberglass inground pool with a concrete deck. On the high end, a concrete infinity pool with an enclosure is about $110,000.

As for an above ground pool, FIxr estimates that purchase prices (including installation) range from $1,500 — a metal-frame aboveground pool with a ladder and no deck — to about $10,000 for a 12’x24’ rectangular hard-sided pool with a full deck.

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