6 DIY bathroom upgrades you can try

 6 DIY bathroom upgrades you can try

When budget matters, do-it-yourself bathroom upgrades can be a simple, low-cost way to dramatically improve your bathroom.

Here are six projects that you can do on your own without hiring a contractor or buying expensive equipment.

1. Install a plug-in towel warmer

Cost: About $60 (basic) to $700 (high-end).

Difficulty: Moderate.

A fluffy warm towel after showering is delightful, and with today’s plug-in towel warmers, you don’t need electrical skills to install one yourself. These warmers plug into your existing outlet, so all you’ll need is a drill, stud finder and a level to attach these fixtures to your wall.

With a huge choice of designs, materials and features, prices for towel warmers vary widely. Those with temperature controls and timers tend to fall on the more expensive side.

2. Replace cabinet hardware

Cost: About $10 to a few hundred dollars.

Difficulty: Easy.

The visual impact of just swapping out bathroom…

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