5 Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

 5 Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

Somewhere around 63% of American homes include a garage or some kind of carport.

While that’s great news for protecting your vehicle from the elements, it also becomes another potential maintenance problem.

Garage doors depend on tension or extension springs in order to operate properly. If your garage door extension springs or garage door tension springs go bad, it can mean you’ll need to call for repairs.

That leaves you with the problem of knowing when one of those springs breaks. Keep reading for five signs your garage door springs need attention.

1.Garage Door Closes Too Fast

When your springs work properly, your garage door closes smoothly and without excessive force.

If the door closes too fast, it’s a pretty solid sign that the springs can no longer support the door’s weight.

A fast-dropping garage door can injure you, a family member, or even a pet. If your garage door closes too fast, you should contact a local company that does garage door repairs.

2.Excessive Noise

When garage door springs start to fail, there is often a lot of noise when the door opens or closes. A few common noises include:

  • Groaning noises
  • Popping noises
  • Squealing noises

While springs are often the culprit when you hear these noises, they aren’t the only possible source. A professional evaluation is typically best for pinning down if you need new springs.

3.Crooked Door

Garage door springs typically come as a matched set. You get a spring…

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