5 Plumbing Maintenance Tasks To Address Before the Summer Months

 5 Plumbing Maintenance Tasks To Address Before the Summer Months

Can it really be? Summer is finally right around the corner. And after a year of being stuck indoors, you probably have plans to seriously enjoy the warm-weather months and live life as carefree as possible. Your home’s plumbing is likely not topping the list of things you want to be thinking about right now. But performing preventive maintenance before those summer days come can give you peace of mind all season long.

“You might be hosting families and friends over the summertime and your home’s plumbing system will see an uptick in usage, so it’s important that you conduct the necessary maintenance now to avoid unexpected plumbing issues,” says Jack Pruitt, brand manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. “Be proactive instead of reactive.”

Make sure you accomplish the projects below to ensure a plumbing-disaster-free summer.

1. Clear your home’s drains of residue

Drains can get gunky and build up residue over time due to daily hand-washing, showering, and other tasks. While you’re performing your pre-summer maintenance tasks, it’s important to clean the drains to avoid unexpected clogs.

“While some homeowners rely on commercial drain cleaners to get the job done, that’s not always the best or safest option,” says Pruitt. “Consider using an all-natural and less expensive option to clean your drains.”

He suggests pouring a half-cup baking soda down the drain, then a half-cup vinegar. The chemical reaction will help dissolve any clog. After 10 to 15…

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