4 Telltale Signs Your HVAC’s Ductwork Is in Trouble

 4 Telltale Signs Your HVAC’s Ductwork Is in Trouble

While HVACs are designed to perform as efficiently as possible, this cannot be said for all HVACs that are up and running today. Many HVACs lose approximately a quarter of their air due to problems like leaks, resulting in hundreds of dollars of wasted money trying to circulate air and keep the home comfy. Fortunately, things do not have to be this way forever. Solutions such as upgrading the HVAC’s ductwork or looking for ductwork services can be done to eliminate these problems to make the HVAC much more efficient.

That being said, how do you know that your HVAC’s ductwork is in trouble? Here are some telltale signs to keep an eye out for:

The HVAC System Is Noisy

HVAC systems are designed to run as quietly as possible. Although there will still be some noises, it will be relatively silent. However, if loud rattling sounds are coming out of your HVAC, chances are the ductwork is vibrating too much. Apart from simply being noisy, vibrating ductwork will also lead to damaged joints, so get a technician to inspect the HVAC to find the cause of the problem right away.

The Home Is Filled with Dust

Every home will have some amount of dust regardless. After all, most of these dust particles come from us. However, an HVAC is supposed to help clear the air from most of the dust, maintaining good air quality. However, if you find there to be just too much dust in your home, your HVAC’s ductwork may need to be inspected. Dust from outside the ducts might be getting in…

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