4 Plumbing Projects You Can Handle (and the Ones Best Left to a Plumber) ✔️ Cleveland

 4 Plumbing Projects You Can Handle (and the Ones Best Left to a Plumber) ✔️ Cleveland

Your home improvement skills may have helped you save a few hundred bucks in the past, but plumbing projects can be a whole different ballgame. Some plumbing predicaments you can handle with your own two hands, but you never want to end up with a botched DIY job, a deluge of water, and a mountain of regret that you should have called the pros.

Jarret Acevedo, a master plumber and owner of Jarret Acevedo Plumbing and Heating in Shirley, NY, says he has a lot of clients who keep him busy, but he also has no problem with his customers saving money by performing simple plumbing projects themselves. “Sometimes, customers doing a DIY project will send me a diagram, and I will help them over the phone,” he says.

He often refers people to DIY tutorials from reputable sources on YouTube. “However, if you’re watching a video and most of the instructions don’t make sense, that’s a clue that you might be in over your head,” he says.

So how do you know what projects to attempt on your own and when it’s time to slide into the passenger seat and let your plumber take the wheel? Our experts reveal the ones the average homeowner can DIY and the ones that require a licensed pro.

1. Switching a toilet seat

Changing a toilet seat is a relatively simple plumbing project that most people should be able to do themselves, according to Victor Cotoia II, owner of Cascade Plumbing in Surfside Beach, SC. The key is to make sure you purchase the right type of seat: regular or…

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