4 of the Best Facility Improvements to Build Swimmers’ Trust

How University Aquatics Operators Can Build Swimmers’ Trust in the Next Normal

After the upheavals of 2020, the best way aquatic operators can rebuild swimmers’ trust is by acting instead of reacting. With so much unknown, how exactly are leading universities alleviating concerns?

Since the pandemic began, over 250,000 COVID-19 cases have been reported at over 1,600 colleges. With the threat of becoming another statistic, students, athletes and faculty are in desperate need of assurance and safe activities.

To welcome swimmers back to an aquatics facility that’s better, healthier and safer than how they left it, here are the top three key opportunities that aquatic operators are acting on.

1. Address Air Quality

We all use our senses to determine how safe our environment is, and swimmers and faculty don’t want to smell a pool before they see it. What swimmers once tolerated, they won’t anymore. To measure up to these new expectations, aquatics operators have to make tangible improvements that swimmers not only hear about but also experience for themselves.

As concerns over airborne disease transmission are at an all time high, leading university aquatics operators are providing cleaner, fresher air quality as a means to build swimmers’ trust. Contrary to popular belief, pools should not smell. The “chlorine” odor that lingers in aquatic facilities doesn’t even come from chlorine, but rather from chloramines (combined chlorine). Chloramines are the…

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