4 Causes of Garage Door Damage

 4 Causes of Garage Door Damage

a homeowner, you know that maintenance and repair costs are par for
the course. However, know that you will have to deal with them
doesn’t make it any less annoying or inconvenient when the time
comes. When it comes to your garage door, there are some causes of
damage that can be avoided and some that cannot. Not sure what the
most common causes of garage door damage are? Keep reading to learn
more about garage door damage and how Carroll Garage Doors can help!


is an unavoidable cause of garage door damage. Whether it’s rain or
wind, there are many ways that your garage door can be damaged by
weather. Something can fly into it due to wind. The bottom of the
garage door can also be damaged if constantly submerged in wood.

Blown Fuse

blown fuse is a problem that garage doors sometimes experience if
they operate electrically. While these are not preventable, the
damage that comes from handling it improperly is. If your garage door
has a blown fuse, it is important to let the professionals handle it.

Not Performing Maintenance

doors do not need much maintenance, but they cannot be completely
ignored. If you fail to conduct annual garage door maintenance, you
are more likely to experience damage to your garage door or costly
repairs that you simply do not want to deal with. The good news is
that if you do not have time to handle regular garage door
maintenance, there are companies like Carroll Garage Doors that can
do it for you.


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