38 home repairs โ€“ quick fixes that everyone can and should DIY

 38 home repairs โ€“ quick fixes that everyone can and should DIY

Every home has a few DIY repair and maintenance jobs that need attention โ€“ whether you’re renovating a house or not โ€“ and even though many are very straightforward to fix, we often put them off and tolerate the inconvenience for far too long… Not tending to the most common home repairs and issues can not only be a pain for anyone in your house but, left too long and some could end up being detrimental to your home’s overall health and therefore, value.

What should I fix in my house first?

Of course, sometimes we don’t have the luxury of putting off the work, as when a plumbing emergency strikes it needs immediate attention. So it pays to know how to stop a disaster in its tracks before it causes too much damage. Otherwise, it’s worth starting with anything that you notice on a daily basis and that is probably impacting your day to day more than you think… And, that could end up costing you lots of cash if you leave it too long. Whether it’s a loose floorboard, clogged shower drain or flickering light, we’re going to help you fix it, fast and without having to spend on a plumber, electrician or high-in-demand neighbor…

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