3 Types of Garage Flooring & Alternative Options (Extensive Buying Guide)

 3 Types of Garage Flooring & Alternative Options (Extensive Buying Guide)

Get to know everything you need to know about garage flooring including different types along with their pros and cons.

1. Tiles

UnlikeĀ ceramic tilesĀ in the home, garage tiles are an option thatā€™s extremely easy to install. One of the most popular do-it-yourself options, you can create intricate patterns or designs like a checkerboard look in your space.

If you want to be likeĀ Ralph Lauren, whose three garages are color coordinated to the cars and brands they house, garage tiles are a great way to achieve that look.

Typically made of a durable and moisture resistant material likeĀ polypropylene, PVC, garage tiles can stand up to traction, liquids, dirt, and the weight of a vehicle. They are also easy to maintain; you can hose them off or sweep them off without causing any damage to keep your space clean.

2. Rolls

Garage rolls are made of PVC and come in a large, rolled up to form similar to carpet. By far the easiest option to install, you simply roll them out into space and then cut them to fit the edges with a utility knife.

Some manufacturers also offer custom or pre-cut options so you could take measurements of your space and order specifically sized rolls to fit it correctly.

Like garage tiles, they come in a variety of color and pattern options. You can choose a traditional palate, or something bolder and from textures likeĀ coin and diamond.

The main difference is that your entire floor will be both one color and texture,…

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