3 Chimney Repairs ‘To Do’s’ this Summer

 3 Chimney Repairs ‘To Do’s’ this Summer
3 Chimney Repairs ‘To Do’s’ this Summer by Superior Chimney, Lombard, IL

It is exciting that warm weather is on the way. I know that it’s not likely you’ll be thinking about turning on your fireplace. But it is the time to be thinking about getting it checked and get any type of repairs done now so you can enjoy it when the weather cools off.

Here are the top 3 chimney repairs to make this summer:

Repair #1: Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is a critical component to the chimney. It protects from debris, animals, water, snow, and wind from entering the chimney – Every chimney needs a chimney cap for the same reasons every home needs a roof!  There’s another benefit many don’t consider…

If you have a woodburning fireplace, sparks can go up the chimney flue and reach the outside causing a potential fire on the roof or any dry debris such as leaves and grass. The chimney cap also has spark inhibiting components that prevent the sparks from exiting the chimney cap.

Repair #2 Masonry

Mortar is the filling in between the bricks or stone in your chimney. Masonry or tuckpointing is the repair made by a masonry professional in order to build or fix the deterioration or missing mortar in between the bricks or stone.

In a repair situation, not all mortar will be replaced. As a result, Superior Chimney works to match the color of the existing mortar so it all looks clean and uniform.

It’s best to have the chimney inspected each year as the…

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