17 Best Hockey-Themed Commercials Ever

 17 Best Hockey-Themed Commercials Ever

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The NHL is currently locked out and tons of fans are feeling down in the dumps, so here is something that can brighten your day. The sport of hockey may not always receive the mainstream media coverage it deserves, but there have been tons of great hockey-themed commercials

Some of these commercials may be a little dated and corny, but here are the 17 best hockey-themed commercials ever. 

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This hockey commercial first hit the airwaves about a year ago and it was a really good piece of production from ESPN.

The use of Alex Ovechkin in a “late night filing situation”, and having Steve Levy accuse him of being a Cold War-era Russian spy really was a nice setup for this commercial.

The commercial really became laughable and poignant when Seymon Varlamov appeared in the air duct, and dropped down a rope for Oveckhin to rappel into the rafters.

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This commercial was one of the best hockey-themed television spots in a long time. Budweiser took a very creative approach to advertise its product, and they used two seemingly average “beer league” teams.

However, the two teams were kept in the dark about what was truly at work. Budweiser was able to give the players a chance to experience the NHL by bringing in fans, announcers and NHL quality highlights to enhance the experience as the game continued.

This is truly one of the best commercials released in recent memory.

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Alex Ovechkin is a player who is an obvious choice to feature in NHL…

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