10 Best Pool Floats for Summer 2021

 10 Best Pool Floats for Summer 2021


If you’re lucky enough to have access to a pool this summer, there’s only one thing that’s guaranteed to make it even better: a pool float. A few years ago, thanks to influencers posting shots of themselves relaxing on an array of giant floatation devices on Instagram, the art and science of creating visually compelling and super comfy inflatables has reached new heights. Whether you want to ride a rainbow unicorn into the sunset or just relax with a magazine on a basic piece of floating plastic, we are in the Golden Age of pool floats, so anything you imagine can probably be found.

What to Consider

Because the options abound, think of who you want the float for: adults, kids, babies and pets can all find their place in the sun these days. You will also want to consider how large you want it to be: should it be a solo, or do you want to fit several people on it? But most importantly, when you picture yourself, do you want to be partially submerged, or fully dry and reclining? We included a variety of options with different needs in mind.

How We Selected

We looked for floats that served a range of purposes, and were highly rated for safety. We also sought out floats made by companies with excellent customer service. All of the floats we include below have been highly rated by reviewers for looks, ease of use, durability and fun.

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